What is Openstack ?

open stack logo image

Openstack is a private cloud having architecture which work on the top of Linux based system. Openstack gives the flexibility of Linux system as well as uses Virtualization. The architecture support Scale out mechanism and will help in system crashes and device dependency. Openstack is basically a governing thing that control virtualization environment and provide services as needed.

The basic Architecture of Openstack is described below:


The most important function of openstack is Nova which work as brain of the system and control most of the function. Openstack is not a new architecture but gained popularity with the development of ML2 protocol which combine many private players like Cisco, Juniper etc. to Neutron component of openstack.

The main components of openstack are Nova, Neuton, Glance, Cinder, Swift, Keystone, Horizon, Ceilometer and Heat.


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