Network problems would be solved by a Manage Switch

managed switch image

If you are having a wired network of normal range of computers then some of the problems you will face on a daily basis are listed below. These are the common problems that every network person come across and always think to minimize these issues or problems.

All of these issues can be manage with the help of a managed switch and which one it basically depends on the organization to organization. If any organization want to limit these issues or the problems they can deploy a manage switch and control these issues moreover the question is how and which one will be given after the analysis and the site survey.

1. Minimizing Latency
2. Drops related issues
3. Broadcasting/ Multicast issues
4. POE for remote locations
5. DHCP server Implementation
6. QOS Implementation
7. Separation of traffic with priority Queuing
8. Department wise VLAN creation
9. Management of all individual VLAN’s
10. Easy browser based Management Representation.
11. Proper Bandwidth Management to the port level.
12. ISP’s connectivity failover.
13. Aggregation of different ISP’s.

These are some of the list of the issues we have controlled on real implementations. For any help please feel free to comment we will be glad to serve you.

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