Manage Vs Unmanage Switches

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Manage Vs Unmanage Switch is a discussion that normally comes in any organization from small to medium to large and to be precise it is all about the amount of control and configuration you want. If you just need more ports or bandwidth and it is a small office or community then you might be able to get away with non-managed switches. These can even support with a lot of VoIP traffic along with all of our applications being web-based.

But if you are in an environment that you need to segregate traffic, monitor bandwidth, or need any other statistics or monitoring capabilities then I would suggest investing in managed switches. That doesn’t mean every switch needs to be managed, but at least the main one or two just so you can monitor that core. With managed cisco switches it allows you to turn on SPAN (setup monitoring ports to sniffers), watch the amount of bandwidth per port, statically configure ports instead of auto-negotiation, EtherChannel, tweak Spanning-Tree Protocol, and many more things.

The major factor for most small businesses is cost. If you chose a managed switch then you will pay much more. And although there are lots of options you probably won’t use in a managed switch it just matters on how much downtime you can afford on your network. Again it is a subjective question some of the organizations can’t afford to have downtime but due to rampaged with worms and small viruses and it always required downtime to find the source of the problem and fix it. In a web-based business that is critical downtime, and the responsible people didn’t see it that way and therefore it is not easy to move from unmanage to manage environment. Until and unless network people really start working on the network the things will remain the same as it was, in most of the organization the responsible networking people work more on hardware or software related issues than the networking issues. This can only change once the networking people work on a machine (Manage Switch ) that responds back to them with the information.

This is just a question of networking with information and networking without information, if you have information about the network then all the network responsible people will give a respectable answer to anyone starting from the user to the top management.

With this thought i complete this post and will write more …….next time

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